Welcome to WAKUI MUSEUM !

This private museum showcases a collection of Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars, historical classic cars that represent Great Britain.

From the past to the present, Rolls-Royce and Bentley have always been synonymous with luxury. The cars exhibited here are part of my own treasure and have been selected from over 300 cars that I have collected in the past 20 years as an enthusiast and importer.

Classic cars have always been elegant. However, the more you become a fan of Rolls-Royce and Bentley, the better you will understand how spectacular these cars are along with their ancestry and history.

Cars with historical value and significance which before could only be seen in foreign books and news films and other rare cars are displayed here perfectly maintained in the same good condition as they had been in their times. I also collect museum pieces, but it is more significant when every model is stored in such a condition that it can still be driven as long as it is an automobile. The pleasure with classic cars is watching doors that open and close, hearing the sound of its engine, and sometimes seeing it run...! Once retired from active service, it becomes a relic that loses a part of its radiance in life. My ideal classic car museum has always been a place where visitors can still feel the energy in these living cars. I have published a book on these cars in commemoration of the opening of this museum. Please come see for yourself the cars in this book.

Actually, my habit of collecting automobiles all began with motorcycles. Some of which are still in my hands and are also exhibited here. I am sure you will enjoy them if you are also a fan of motorcycles.

This is my dream museum, for which I sacrificed the latter half of my life to see fulfilled. I wish for you to share this dream with me and enjoy this wonderful opening.


Kiyoharu Wakui



その始まりから現在まで、常に高級車の代名詞であったRolls-RoyceとBentleyを20年間、エンスージアストとして、 また専門輸入商として、世界中から300台以上集めた中から私が選んだ宝物です。

クラシックカーはどれも優雅に見えるものですが、このミュージアムではRolls-RoyceとBentleyのファンであればあるほど、 ここにある車を系統や歴史にそって理解していただけるでしょう。

ここはかつて海外の書籍やニュースフィルムの中でしか見られなかったような歴史的な価値や意義のある車、 希少車などがすべて調子よく走れるように常に整備されてた状態で保存されています。 名車を集めたというだけでなく、自動車であるかぎりはすべて走れる状態で保つことに私は意義を感じます。 車を見る楽しみは、ドアの開閉を見、エンジンの音を聞き、ときには走る姿に接してこそ・・・。 現役を離れた車は名車といえども命の輝きを失った遺物となってしまいます。 生きている車たちの息吹を感じていただけるミュージアムが、私の理想の自動車ミュージアムでした。

私のコレクション癖は、若い頃集めたモーターサイクルに始まりました。 その思い出にと手元に残した数台のバイクも併せて展示しています。 こちらもファンであるほど興味深く鑑賞していただける車たちと思っています。


涌井 清春

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