1929 Bentley 4.1/2Liter Blower

1929 Bentley 4.1/2Liter Blower


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  • 1929 Bentley 4.1/2Liter Blower
  • 1929 Bentley 4.1/2Liter Blower
  • 1929 Bentley 4.1/2Liter Blower
  • 1929 Bentley 4.1/2Liter Blower
  • 1929 Bentley 4.1/2Liter Blower
  • 1929 Bentley 4.1/2Liter Blower
  • 1929 Bentley 4.1/2Liter Blower

1929 Bentley 4.1/2Liter Blower   Information

 メーカー Bentley
 モデル 41/2Litre Blower
 コーチビルダー バンデン・プラス / Vanden Plas
 ボディータイプ 4シーターオープンツアラー / 4 seater open tourer
 ボディーカラー レーシンググリーン / racing green
 内装 グリーン革 / green leather
  黒布 / black




今回ご案内する車両は、1928年型の41/2Litre ヴァンデン・プラ(V.D.P.)製2-seater(C/no#AB3365)に、オリジナルスペックのスーパーチャージャーを装着し、同じヴァンデン・プラのル・マン・スタイルボディを架装した個体。つまり、オリジナルの“ブロワー・ベントレー”ではないのですが、英国のさる一流ベントレー・スペシャリストが正しい方法論をもって組み上げた逸品と考えております。

また、エンジンは日本国内でオーバーホールし、現時点ではコンディションは上々。ベース車両から取り外した41/2Litre オリジナルエンジン(#AB3366)も保管されております。



Adding the Amherst Villier’s supercharger to the W.O.’s pre-existing masterpiece, Bentley 41/2Litre, “41/2Litre “Blower” model appeared on the market in 1929, still marked as the greatest of all the British vintage cars among enthusiasts.

The idea to get more power from the renowned 412 Litre 4398 cc SOHC 16 valve engine by combining with a supercharger came from Tim Birkin, one of the prominent members of the drivers called Bentley Boys who won motorcar races more than a few times including Le Mans. The car was a limited production model. Only 50 (and 5 extra racing model cars called “Birkin Car”) with the “Blower” made to fulfill the regulations at that time for participating Le Mans race.

In the race the car came in second to Bentley Speed Six driven by Woolf Barnato, a fellow member of the Bentley Boys and the chairman of the Bentley Motors. The Blower however, made great results in the British motor racing scenes such as then popular speed trial at Brooklands.

The car in our custody hands to introduce to you was originally a 1928 41/2Litre with Vanden-Plas( V.D.P.) 2-seater body, C/No AB3365. It has been modified with another 42/1 litre engine receiving a Villier’s supercharger tuned to the original Bentley specifications and the V.D.P. Le Mans style body, which means this car is not an original Bentley41/2 Litre Blower but correctly built by Bentley specialists, one fine masterpiece Bentley example.

The engine had been overhauled in Japan, working flawlessly. Came with the original engine, #AB3366 removed previously from the car.

The body is top-notch both inside and out. We call this rare car one of the finest W.O. Bentley motor cars in the world today.




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