Experience the pride and joy of being an owner of a legendary vintage car

We are honored to offer you the extraordinary gratification of becoming an owner of a Rolls-Royce or Bentley car as well as other dream automotive masterpieces that accentuated the 20th century.
While experiencing a paradigm shift from gasoline-powered engine cars to electric vehicles, we sell and restore classic cars with a conviction that great cars of the 20th century are truly a mechanical marvel as well as cultural heritage in terms of their design and engineering. We welcome you to our museum where you can meet the world’s finest lineup.



New Arrival

1964 Bentley S3 Continental Flying Spur by Mulliner Park Ward

New Arrival

1954 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith Limousine by Freestone & Webb

New Arrival

1938 Rolls-Royce 25/30HP by Thrupp & Maberly

New Arrival

2007 Bentley Arnage T

The Bentley Chorniche with Rare Iron Bumper specifications

1975 Bentley Corniche Coupe Sports Saloon RHD (Carribean Aqua)

Body Color : Carribean Aqua with Cream
RHD (Right-hand-drive)

The last of good old coach built Rolls Royce car

1972 Rolls-Royce PhantomVI Mulliner Park Ward Limousine RHD (Ivory)

Rolls-Royce Phantom VI is one of the cars that represents Wakui Museum “Heritage”. Phantom VI was announced at London Motor Show in 1968. It had been on the throne of the motor cars until the last car was produced in 1991. Phantom VI progressed from V, being the last to have the Silver Cloud’s era classic mechanism and construction. The last of good old coach built Rolls Royce car.

1927 W.O. Bentley 3L by Freestone & Webb

1998 Bentley Azure

1954 Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn BEACHAM

1956 Bentley S1 Continental H.J.Mulliner 2 Door Saloon

New Arrival

1934 MG Q-Type Midget Replica

New Arrival

1935 Morris Eight 4 door Saloon




Museum displaying a collection of rare and legendary classic cars

Cars displayed in the museum are representative and the symbol of the entire Wakui Museum. History’s finest and rarest cars are all preserved in working condition and brought down to the drive at every opportunity. The Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, 12-cylinder Wraith, the world’s oldest vintage Bentley car, the R-Type Continental, etc., are such historically significant and valuable cars, comparable to art masterpieces, are lined up here. Should you have an interest to own one, we are prepared to have constructive discussion with you as long as you agree to allow the car to be displayed in the museum.


 W.O. Bentley and the Bentley Boys


Bentley cars in the early stages produced directly by the founder W.O. Bentley. The fascination of their sporting spirit is showcased by the footprint of the Bentley Boys.

 The Best Car in the World


Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, the first “Best Car in the World” in history. We recently welcomed a pre-World War I model, the most beloved by the Rolls-Royce fans, to our museum. The three Rolls-Royce cars are lined up here, together with the museum’s star “Archer” and U.S. model.

 Synonyms for “The Best in the World”


The pre-World World II Rolls-Royce Phantom cars that established a foundation for “The Best Car in the World” are exhibited here.


Cars For Sale


HERITAGE - More than 50 vintage cars, from the early 20th century until 2000, are displayed for sale.

Historical Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars are ready to welcome new owners. We named it HERITAGE instead of Show Room because we recognize that all the available cars are significantly valuable and should be considered as a cultural heritage.
When a car is passed into the hands of a new owner, it is meticulously serviced to assure it takes off beautifully and vigorously.
Rolls-Royce and Benley cars make everyone who drive them feel gratified and prosperous. Come and visit us to experience the feeling.

 Recommendation from HERITAGE





Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow revival project

We handle the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow with particular care as it is a symbolic model of our “Bespoke” restoration service which brings the car to life again in pristine condition.
With the thorough modernization of mechanisms in 1966, this model became a great hit and the number of cars produced surpassed the total cars manufactured and sold during the first 60 years of Bentley existence.





The best maintenance for the best cars. Wakui Museum prides itself in the quality of their restoration and maintenance.

The finest cars are valuable because they perform well and deliver the joy of driving. Our skilled and experienced master mechanics use their craftsmanship to protect your car.
In addition to regular repair, restoration and maintenance, they also offer you the unique service called Bespoke, a transformation right in front of your eyes. Through this service, Silver Shadow/T Series and Silver Cloud/S Series are completely disassembled for overhaul and then reassemble back to original condition with interiors and exteriors in your favorite colors. Please feel free to watch the work of our elite mechanics.



Bentley La Sarthe Limited Edition


Afterimage of Bentley Boys and La Sarthe racing circuit

This gorgeous new car arrived from Great Britain. It is not a product of our Bensport project. La Sarthe is produced as a limited production and only 24 custom cars will be manufactured. What we offer here is one of the first in the limited edition.






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